Help us with much needed supplemental supplies for these classrooms. I think we can all agree with the fact that there's nothing but greatness listed below. They could benefit from things as simple as hand sanitizer, tissue, copy paper, pre-sharpened pencils, etc.. Each class has a specific list. Kindly email: whsadoptaclassroom@gmail.com for your preferred teacher's list. Let's show them some appreciation and get them adopted by the end of this month, and THANK YOU for your support.

Alfaro                                 Jackerson                            J. Rodriguez
Brescia                                Keen                                    Rosen
A. Brown                              Kocis                                   Saltzman
Ciotkosz                              Lachaviec                             
Collantes                             Lenormand                           Starks
Lipp                                     Wehrell                              
Mercadal-Macias                 Wies
Elenzweig-David                  I. Williams                           Wood
Fafasuli                               Muller
Fernandez                           Murphy-Bozkurt
Fotos                                   French                                 Guidance